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Poll: Vote for the best "@Work" joke of 2008Plus submit your own joke now! The Other Side I work at a store manned by grumpy old men. One day, a ray of light showed up in the form of a cheerful young customer. She was chatty and charming and left the store gushing. “How lucky we are to be alive!” she announced before the door closed. “Wow!?She was certainly jovial,” I remarked to a coworker. “Yeah,” he agreed. “I didn’t like her either.”-- Duane BoeveVote Exotic TwistA new restaurant near our office boasted exotic fare. And exotic it was. When our dessert arrived, my coworker sniffed her chocolate dish and grimaced. “It smells like cocoa,” she said. “It’s chocolate—shouldn’t it smell like cocoa?” I asked. More confused than I was, she answered, “Cocoa is the name of my dog.”-- Cynthia ZhangVote Judging a BookScene: the bookstore where I work. Dramatis personae: a father and his son.Son: “Dad, does it really tell you how?” Father: “How to what, son?” Son: “How to kill a mockingbird?”-- Theresa Fine-PawseyVote Instant Mother You can't blame the woman for being upset. After all, she was delivering her baby in our hospital elevator. “This is nothing,” said my fellow nurse, trying to console the new mother. “Last year a friend of mine helped a woman deliver her baby on the front lawn of the hospital.” The patient began to wail. “That was me!”-- Stephanie NiederbergerVote Falling Into ItWhen my mother hit her head at work, she suffered a nasty gash and bled all over her blouse. It was bad enough that the hospital gave her a donated T-shirt. Imagine my surprise, then, when I got to the ER and found the woman who raised me with two black eyes and stitches on her forehead wearing a T-shirt that read “I Survived the Grand Rapids Pub Crawl.”-- Sean ParkerVote  



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